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    About Woodcol SH

    WOODCOL SH is a wood working adhesive mainly used for joining wood to wood and wood to mica . This is a very economical product and is available in 500gms , 1 kg , 5 kg 30 kg , 50 kg packing sizes. WOODCOL SH is available in all the retail hardware shops.


    The adhesive can be used in manufacture of furnitures such as Wooden chairs, sofas, TV Cabinets, Wardrobes etc; where Wood to Wood , Wood to Mica bonding is required .


    Economical quality

    High bond strength

    Long open time

    Users friendly

    High viscosity product

    Excellent coverage

    Spreader type quality


    Packages includes-

    • 500 grms
    • 1 kgs
    • 3.5 kgs
    • 5 kgs
    • 30 kgs
    • & 50 kgs