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    • Our goal to make products innovative and eco-friendly

      ASTRA is one of the fastest growing company with quality brands and products which create customer delight.
    • A Solution provider for a range of industries

      Dedicated team of Professionals to cater to the adhesives requirements of a range of industries
    • Targeting a range of Industry Clusters

      Our Adhesives are suitable to be used in a wide variety of industrial products
    • Major Brands

      We are immersed in providing a vast array of Furniture Adhesive to the prestigious customers!
    • Sando Brands

      Complete waterproofing solutions to the prestigious customers!

    Welcome to Astra Chemtech

    ASTRA CHEMTECH PVT. LTD. an ISO 9001-2015 certified company was incorporated in the year 2000 as a manufacturing company with a commitment to provide excellent products and services to its customers. The company was founded by a team of young dynamic technocrats from various fields having a clear vision and immense commitment to value driven services. The efforts of the team are seen in the growth of the company over the years. Today Astra has become a force to reckon with in the Industry.

    The Company makes Adhesives & Coatings mainly for the Print & Packaging, Health & Hygiene, Textiles, Paints, Woodworking, Footwear, and Construction & Interior Decoration Industries. The products are distributed through a very well connected network of depots, distributors & dealers from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and from Mumbai to Assam covering the entire length and the breadth of the country. The company exports its products to Africa, Indonesia, Egypt, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, U.A.E., Maldives, Qatar, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Thailand, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Yemen, U.K. etc. and is in process of exploring new export avenues.

    Our vision is to create world class facility in the field of R & D in terms of talent and equipments to enhance our knowledge and drive ourselves to become a preferred and the best supplier in our field of work.

    • Advanced
    • Research
    • Innovative
    Our goal is to make innovative and eco-friendly products with our expertise in technologies so as to make our Brand more popular and user friendly.

    Success story

    ASTRA CHEMTECH P. LTD. was incorporated as a manufacturing company for adhesives , resins and coatings . In a very short span of time it has emerged as one of the fastest growing companies and force to reckon with in the industry .

    ASTRA CHEMTECH P. LTD. has an excellent and efficient R and D department which helps to develop products for the fast changing and ever demanding challenges of the printing & packaging , health and hygiene , woodworking , footwear , paints , textiles, construction and interior decoration industry.

    ASTRA CHEMTECH P. LTD. has a pan india network of customers and distributors. It also exports its products to different countries

    Our Major Brands

    Latest Exhibition / Events

    We Are Worldwide

    The company exports its products to South Africa, Bangladesh, Egypt, Jordan, Nepal, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, U.S.A., U.A.E, U.K., Vietnam, Yemen, Indonesia.

    Customers Say

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